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About Business Valuation and Litigation Support Services

Meyers, Harrison & Pia Valuation and Litigation Support, LLC is a leading provider of business valuation, litigation support, economic damages, and financial forensic investigations. We are frequently retained to provide expert witness services relating to the value of a business; loss of a business or segment of a business; determination of reasonable compensation; and other financial matters. Our professionals are often court appointed or jointly retained by the parties involved in a dispute. In addition, our experts are regularly invited to peer and legal conferences to teach, and regularly publish in top industry journals.

Practice Leaders: Mark Harrison | Kenneth J. Pia, Jr. | Nancy Fannon | Vladimir Korobov

  • Business Valuation

    Determining the value of a business is central to a host of matters. A thoroughly supported and clearly presented valuation can be the difference in winning a case, closing a deal, withstanding regulatory scrutiny, or facing the IRS.

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  • Litigation Support

    MHPVLS’s litigation support team routinely assists attorneys across a broad scope of legal matters. We offer financial and damage analysis for a variety of claims, including contract disputes, torts, infringement of intellectual property, wrongful termination, and lost wage claims.

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  • Financial Forensics

    Financial forensic investigations are a specialized field of accounting that utilize accounting, auditing, and investigating skills. MHPVLS’s forensic investigations group will look beyond the numbers to identify missing or incomplete data, financial discrepancies, and/or financial fraud.

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  • Court Cases of Note

    Courts Decry Expert’s Failure to Explore Different Ways to Develop FMV
    Appeals court affirms trial court’s valuation of medical practices based on buyout provisions where wife’s expert made no attempt to ascertain businesses’ FMV by any other valuation method.


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  • MHP Spotlight

    Carla Glass, FASA, CFA Joins MHP as a Managing Director
    We are pleased to announce that Carla Glass has joined our team as a Managing Director. Carla brings more than 25 years of experience in the valuation of businesses, partnerships, employee stock ownership plans, debt, derivative securities, intellectual property, and other intangible assets in a wide range of industries.


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